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-TACKLE PULLEY : Tackle Pulleys are the pulleys which transmits the movement from the lift motor. They are used above and below the cabin as 1/1 or 2/1 hanger.

-DEFLECTION PULLEY : Deflection pulleys are the pulleys which enable the rope to reach to weight properly by changing the direction of the rope. Deflection pulleys; Ø 400 Ø 400 4x10 and 5x10 are delivered immediately from stock for gearwheel machines.

-HYDRAULIC PULLEY : Hydraulic pulleys are the pulleys which provide the transmission between the cabin and hydraulic system and they are able to move in the same direction as another or opposite to each other.

-CASTING PULLEYS : Our GG 25 gray cast iron and GGG 50 nodular cast iron pulleys are used in tackle, deflection and hydraulic pulleys.

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