Flat Flexible and Electric Cables

Flat Flexible and Electric Cables

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Pvc types of flat cables are used mainly as trailing cable for crane installation, floor conveyer systems and shelf control units. These cables are also avilable for export with UL- aprovall. Fixed wiring in dry and damp premises in conduits ,on or under paster and on insulators over plaster, swiching and distribution panels.We own all the neccesary certificates. Our product Sanka Cable (Made in Turkey)


FLEXIBLE CABLE     FLAT         12X0.75
FLEXIBLE CABLE     FLAT         16X0.75 
FLEXIBLE CABLE     FLAT         20X0.75 
FLEXIBLE CABLE     FLAT         24X0.75 
FLEXIBLE CABLE     FLAT         28X0.75 


Cable      1MM2          NYA 
Cable      1MM2          NYAF 
Cable      4MM2          NYA 
Cable      4MM2          NYAF 
Cable      6MM2          NYA 
Cable      6MM2          NYAF 
Cable      0,75MM2     NYAF 

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